Checkered Lining is a small independent apparel company based in Hokkaido, Japan and is completely operated by one person.  That person is me, Brian Robertson. So a bit about how I came to Checkered Lining. Ska has kind of shaped my entire adult life. I starting listening to bands like Reel Big Fish and Save Ferris on the radio because, yes, I was in high school in the mid '90s! Then I joining a Ska band called Bomb Squad that quickly became the Suburban Legends. Countless shows and tours for 15+ years and we decided to stop touring. Some how during all that time I was also able to get a degree in art from California State University Long Beach. I have always been in charge of Suburban Legends merch and this lead to my next adventure.  During Suburban Legends touring years we had the opportunity to open for Reel Big Fish many times, and this gave me the chance to get to know the members and crew.  So then, once Suburban Legends stopped touring Reel Big Fish approached me with the chance to run and manage their tour merch. So starting in 2016 I began to design and run tour merch for Reel Big Fish.  Because fantasies do come true, I started playing trombone for RBF, in 2019... but, I still do merch because I actually really like doing merch. Then, of course the pandemic started and live touring stopped. This gave rise to me creating Checkered Lining.
Checkered Lining’s Conception and Mission Statement:
Ska related apparel tends to be all-over printed checkered patterns. Don’t get me wrong, I love checkered patterns, but apparel like this already exists.  So, it all started in 2019 when I found myself wanting a new hat to go with my performance outfit. However, I could not find anything that I liked. Then in 2020, during my pandemic doom scrolling, I would see posts like, “I can’t find a ska mask,” or “Why don’t bands do onesies?” As a designer/merchandiser and ska musician I was just sitting around, but I really wanted to do my normal job of designing and creating apparel. All of these things culminated in me saying, “Why don’t I create my own ska punk apparel?” So Checkered Lining was born! My focus is apparel that bands don't or can’t create. I want to focus on apparel that can be worn in or outside of a concert setting.  Apparel that doesn't take itself to serious and inspired by my adventures in SKA.
In closing, I believe that ska punk is a community, so Checkered Lining’s motto is, “We Trust In Ska.”  With these things in mind I will try to create something that I hope you will enjoy.